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With LookingGlass 7.2+, users will experience the enhanced QuickLaunch 2.0. The enhanced QuickLaunch has five categories known as Favorites, My Courses, My Communities, LaunchPad and SSO Catalog. Users will now be able to view their course communities from the My Courses category, access their communities via the My Communities category, drag and drop links from My Courses, My Communities, LaunchPad, and SSO Catalog categories and add them to their Favorites category at any time. Users can add as many links to the Favorites section and also edit the links already added to the Favorites section. The QuickLaunch global settings pane allows administrators to define default settings for every user's QuickLaunch experience.In a nutshell, the enhanced QuickLaunch 2.0 includes the following features:

  • Categories: Only the following five categories will be available.
  • Favorites: User can drag and drop links/items from My Courses, My Communities and LaunchPad to Favorites section.
  • My Courses: This should list all the course communities of which a user is a member.
  • My Communities: This should list all the communities of which a user is member.
  • LaunchPad: This should list all the SSO links available for that user.
  • SSO Catalog: This comprises of a catalog of pre-configured SSO adapters for the end user.
  • QuickLaunch Global Settings: Allows users to be able to configure global settings for their own QuickLaunch instances.

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