Allow prospective students to create an account from your public website, submit an application, and review the application status at anytime. Automated emails insure that the user is notified when the account is created, the application is received, and when updates to the status occur. Integration with Ellucian Banner allows for smooth flow of identity from Prospective to Student portal. The native mobile app allows for users to complete these steps from almost anywhere from almost any device. Integration into BlackBeltHelp insures that if applicants or prospects are having problems there is someone to help.

Create an experience that gives the Prospect maximum personalized content, email reminders, and visual cues inside the PSP when action is required. LookingGlass Prospect Portal also includes dozens of drag-and-drop tools to manage content, gather user feedback, and facilitate communication among your Prospects.

Features of the LookingGlass Prospect Portal include:

  • Create Local PSP Users, Submit Applications, and Review Application Status: The user is able to easily create an account, submit an application, and at any time log back into the PSP to check their application status.
  • Integrate SalesForce Solution with Ellucian Banner® ERP: Salesforce comes with out-of-the-box effective integrated and multi-channeled communications solution including print, email, texts, and social media with access to the system from PC/laptop, smart phones and tablets. This will help you track your prospect leads more effectively. LookingGlass provides seamless integration of SalesForce with Banner® ERP including transition of the admitted students into Banner Self Service.
  • LookingGlass Student Portal Integration: This means any prospective student who becomes a student will automatically get appropriate logins and profiles to the LookingGlass Portal
  • Native Mobile App: In addition to a responsive UI, LG PSP provides native mobile apps with an additional ability to develop custom apps using the Kryptos App Maker.
  • BlackBeltHelp Help Desk Integration: Seamless integration and transition between prospective student portal. Prospective students can also be given the BlackBeltHelp hotline number for triaging of the calls during after office hours.

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