Mobile-First Employee Portal

Employee Portal

Single sign-on, pop-up alerts, targeted notifications, and dashboard applications from LMS, ERP, and mail sources create a one stop shop for Employees to handle their daily tasks. Create an environment that shows the Employee maximum personalized content and signals with visual cues when action is required. LookingGlass Employee Portal also includes dozens of drag-and-drop tools to manage content, gather user feedback, and facilitate communciation amoung your Employees.

Employee Features of the LookingGlass Employee Portal include:

  • Responsive Design: Leverage a single set of content and optomize the orientation of the page based on device size
  • Message Center: Send targeted messages to Employees via manual and automated sources via SMS, Email and Pop-up Alert
  • Employee Dashboard Widgets: Eliminate the need for extra clicking and view content from your Employee Information System (SIS) in a dashboard portlet within LookingGlass.
  • Collaboration Tools: Lower the barriers for collaboration by adding message boards, blogs, wikis, polls, web forms and more directly to the page.
  • Single Sign-On: Employees experience a one-time login environemnt where categories of links are targeted to the approriate audiences, and will authenticate Employees into their other applications like ERP, LMS, mail, library, etc.
  • Employee Groups and Organizations Empower your club / org owners to manage their own events, announcements, membership and content.

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