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Leveraging an all-in-one solution can sometimes mean sacrificing features, but not with LookingGlass! LookingGlass Platform includes a full workflow enabled web content management system (CMS). Portal websites can include a great deal of content that requires regular updates. These updates are often accomplished by non-technical content contributors and need to be approved by content approvers in a workflow approval process. When changes to the site are required, a content contributor can log in, make the edit, and save the changes. If the user is not authorized to publish content changes without review, the CMS workflow will route the update to a content approver.

  • Web Content Dashboard - Consolidates user's content approval notifications and requests for updating content across all authorized sites in a single place..
  • Community Templates - Define pages / tools / and access control to be copied for easily creating standardized page sets (clubs, groups, cohorts).
  • Page Templates - Similar to Community template but includes only a single page of a site.
  • User Rights and Roles - Empower your content managers with a distributed authoring platform with or without workflow and approvals.
  • Structures and Templates - Standardize dynamic elements to be re-used across the portal sites (image rotators, news letters, Twitter feed, etc.)
  • Responsive Design - Access portal site content from any device size and choose from over 15 responsive layout templates for organizing your tools on the page.

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