Emergency Alert System (EAS)


Communicating in an emergency situation is critical. Not getting the message out quickly, clearly, and through the appropriate channels can have very serious consequences. With LookingGlass Emergency Alert System users receive messages through multiple delivery channels (SMS, Email, Pop-up Alert, and Text-Voice) and are targeted by groups defined in either LDAP or ERP.

Features of the LookingGlass Emergency Alert System (EAS) include:

  • Multiple Delivery Channels: Leverage one or multiple delivery channels per message. These channels include Email, SMS, Pop-up Alert, and Voice-to-Text.
  • Authorize Message Senders: Define who can send messages to whom and through which delivery channels.
  • Easy Message Creation Use word processor style content editor to create messages built from the rich text editor or even HTML.
  • Record and Report: Track user's acknowledgements on Pop-up Alert and message status (unread, viewed, acknowledged, deleted) and export data as CSV for easy auditing.

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